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Migrants sent north still do not have a happy ending

The cruelty and absurdity of the Republican governors’ plan to send asylum seekers to so-called “sanctuary cities” has been apparent from the start. For months now, Texas has been transporting immigrants to Washington, DC and, more recently, to New York City as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s effort to expose the alleged hypocrisy of jurisdictions that claim to receive immigrants. Abbott reportedly failed to communicate with local officials in either city about when the buses would arrive or how many people were on them, leading to confusion and chaos in the immigrants’ new homes, which was the planned effort from the start. beginning. Not to be outdone, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently brought two groups of immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. A cinematographer was on board one of the planes, DeSantis provided exclusive footage to Fox News, but no one from the governor’s office bothered to tell locals about the flights. The migrants themselves were tricked into boarding the planes: Some said a woman named Perla told them they were going to Boston, luring them with false promises of jobs, housing and other assistance once they got there.

If the goal of Abbott and DeSantis is to send immigrants to places where they are not welcome, they are failing spectacularly. Residents of the three cities have mobilized to welcome newly arrived asylum seekers and support them as best they can. High School AP Spanish Students on Martha’s Vineyard assisted interpreter for the migrants, who mostly came from Colombia and Venezuela. Support groups in Washington, DC and New York greet migrants at bus terminals and provide them with emergency resources such as food, clothing, and medical care. Still, the fact that migrants are treated as political pawns, and the fact that local officials are unable to do much to help them, has compounded the trauma many have already faced. “I understand they don’t want immigrants in Texas and Florida,” an asylum seeker saying the boston globe. “However, human life is not a game.” Even those who have chosen to come to New York City have faced significant obstacles. This week, a migrant woman died by suicide at a New York City homeless shelter, where she lived with her two children.

It is worth highlighting this cruelty, as well as the efforts made to combat it with kindness. But the fact that immigrants are generally welcome in the cities to which they have been sent is not a happy ending. They still have immigration cases to win, and the Department of Homeland Security, which denies colluding with Abbott or DeSantis to transport asylum seekers across the country, has made sure to make the process as difficult as possible.

As I recently reported for braking, at least 70 immigrants who arrived in New York City this summer had the address of Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens, a local nonprofit organization, listed as their home address on their immigration documents. Over the course of several weeks in July, dozens of immigrants arrived at the building thinking it was their new home, employees told me, only to learn it was an office building and they had nowhere to stay. Catholic Charities helped asylum seekers get placed in New York City’s shelter system, which is required by the city’s right to housing law to provide housing to anyone who needs it, but to get a roof over their heads. above their heads only solved their most immediate problem.


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