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Social media reaction to Washington commanders name change

Some Senior Bowl QB reactions to Washington’s new name: Sam Howell, UNC: “I like that one. ‘Commanders’ sounds great, you know?” Bailey Zappe, WKU: “I wouldn’t mind being a commander.” He also joked, “I’d take all 32, if I could.” Kenny PickettPitt


Harrison Bader, Luis Severino Spark Yankees

About to make history, Aaron Judge has all eyes on him this week in his quest for 61 home runs this season, which would...

No. 23 Texas A&M fumble recovery given for touchdown propels Aggies over No. 10 Arkansas

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! No. 23 Texas A&M were the victims of a big upset at home to Appalachian...

Can we stop pretending that QB wins are a significant stat?

Sports are weird. It might be the only world where you can build a narrative and tell it over and over...


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